Monday, August 30, 2010

Bringing back the Blog

Well, I've hit the end of my pregnancy and I've been doing a few photo shoots, but it's been slow going. Especially out in the heat of location shots. I went to Shakespeare a couple of weeks ago for a sweet, sweet family shoot. The kids couldn't have been more corporative but the heat killed me. I had to apologize for my slow moving and awkward positions. :)

This was the family of my Lily's preschool teacher last year. They were as sweet as they look.

Next, my friend, Kristin, had her baby girl! Milla Jean! I was able to go in and get some special pictures of her just a few hours after she came in the world
. The best part was getting to be there and document when her brothers and big sister saw her for the first time.

A week later I was at their house to do some more "formal" images of her. She was even cuter and sleeping surprisingly well in a house full of wild siblings. I ma
de it through another shoot, but not with out feeling the slowing effects my own wild one.
These are a couple of my favorites from that 1 week old shoot.
My friends have a great house for interesting pictures and I'm always excited to work there. I guess I will be "officially" taking some time off as my pregnancy is coming to a close. I have a few more shoots lined up and will schedule them through the next couple of weeks. Then the next ones you'll see will be of my own unnamed little boy. Hopefully he will have a name by then.

So, I hope to Bring Back the Blog as I start to slow down. Watch for, besides new pictures, announcements, and/or special contests/offers to Facebook and Blog readers only. (redeemable after "maternity leave")

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Test Post

Testing 1,2,3